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"I am Jon Pierce, the crewNeckTech. I am employed full-time at Crossroads Community Church as the Technology Specialist. Fulfilling this title pretty much makes me in charge of anything with current flowing through it... This ranges from our 1 electronic stapler, to our 6 servers, to our 8 Rooftop HVAC units, and to our 64 input video switcher."


    Computer Updates... x32 Monday, September 8, 2008 |

    Most of today was spent on updating computers... I updated 27 workstations to the most recent versions of Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, ClamWin AntiVirus, Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, various Microsoft Office Updates, and Mozilla Firefox 3. I've got about 5 more laptops to do still this week as they come trickling in from their respective users... And really these are just the basics, various machines also need iTunes, Rhapsody, Adobe Photoshop/Photoshop Elements/Illustrator/yada yada, MediaShout, SysAid, BB Desktop, Skype, WebCamMax, Yamaha Studio Manager, Google Desktop, Google Calendar Sync, Quicktime...

    After a day of jumping in and out from cubicle to cubicle, and office to office advancing everyone's updates 1 click at a time, I'm really starting to think about Microsoft SCE 2007... After today that $2,000 price tag is starting to look a lot smaller, and that feature list is looking mighty nice... A quick e-mail to my sales gal, Patti Lojeski @ Consistent Computer Bargains could hopefully make the price look a lot smaller with Microsoft's Non-Profit Pricing.

    Then there's the fact that I really don't have a server to put it on... unless I put it on my only Windows 2k3 box which is currently only handling our Primary DC, Front/Backend Exchange, DNS, DHCP, Primary File Services, SysAid Server, Shelby Archive, Backups for self, Backups for other servers, and Peachtree Database Server. Yeah, probably time to stop putting things on that server. So then you've got additional hardware, another Win2k3 license, and another thing to backup... Of course, it really is time for some additional hardware anyways, we just keep adding software and services to our lone win2k3 box.

    All this is coming to my mind with budget time right around corner, so with that in mind: we've got to look at at least some more hardware and software licensing, maybe some virtualization, probably some more storage...

    But the really glaring thing that made me leave today with a big smile: no more Shelby updates. Today was my first "computer updates" day with nothing to worry about on Shelby... Church Community builder takes care of all the "church database" system updates. Yay.

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