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"I am Jon Pierce, the crewNeckTech. I am employed full-time at Crossroads Community Church as the Technology Specialist. Fulfilling this title pretty much makes me in charge of anything with current flowing through it... This ranges from our 1 electronic stapler, to our 6 servers, to our 8 Rooftop HVAC units, and to our 64 input video switcher."


    Continuing the CCB world takeov... errr.. implementation

    So, I'm a little behind on here, but last week we "completed" our database migration from Shelby to Church Community Builder. This basically involved:
    1. getting the data out of Shelby (by the way thanks Pam, who ended up keying in the child-work approved fields for me, and to Ron who got our member list 100% up to date prior to sending the final data!)
    2. checking the data in the newly created spreadsheet
    3. getting the data into CCB
    4. checking the data in CCB
    5. Susie fixing the data I sent wrong in CCB
    6. Susie fixing the data I didn't understand in CCB
    7. and Susie fixing the data I sent wrong in CCB
    Susie Fowler, our data import guru over at Church Community Builder, has really been a blessing as of late!

    Basically 2 things went "wrong" in getting data pushed to CCB:
    1. I didn't find some of the wrong items in the spreadsheet prior to sending
    2. I didn't fully understand the way new records would be imported into CCB en masse
    As to the wrong items, this really is a testament to why you should never, never use a spreadsheet to track your church's people information... Not that this is a good plan, but everything is laid out so nice in CCB that once your data is in the program, it is easy to find the things that are wrong. Don't get me wrong, I checked, fixed, rechecked, fixed, and rechecked those msSQL statements and final data output in the spreadsheet... but I missed a few, but they were really easy to see in CCB! In fact, so easy that within 5 minutes of assigning the exec pastor a login, he saw something I missed that was wrong. "Oh Susie....."

    As to the things I didn't understand, a question is worth the values in 5,175 individual people records... I thought that by setting the defaults for privacy for "new records" on the admin side of CCB would apply to all new records imported into the database as well. In fact, I thought it so hard, I was sure I read it somewhere or took notes on it from a conversation somewhere... Turns out I didn't, I just thought it, saw the "defaults for new records" on the privacy settings page, set those, and went about my business. In fact, the truth of the matter is almost 100% reverse, there is a FAQ in their data import guidelines that explicitly says what they will default those settings to. But for the "almost", it also says in the same document that you can setup your "privacy defaults" in the database prior to conversion, and then the Privacy Defaults page says that it will be applied to all new profiles. I think they win though. We needed 5,175 records changed, but we've already added new individuals and put in new contributions, i.e. this is already a living database. A quick call to Susie, a little discussion, and she'll have them all set and ready to go middle of next week after she writes code to handle it for us!

    So a couple of weeks after the import process got started, here we are really, really close to having everything ready to go in CCB. It's quite exciting, and even more exciting as I see people starting use the data, and starting to get some training.

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    • Anonymous Kenneth Scott says so:
      September 6, 2008 7:34 PM  


      My name is Ken Scott, and I am the VP of Product Development at CCB (fancy title, huh??)

      If you don't mind, I'd like to have a phone conversation with you about the data import process and any issues that you have found.

      Please drop me an email at kscott (at) churchcommunitybuilder.com to set up the details.

      Ken top

    • Blogger Jon, the crewNeckTech says so:
      September 7, 2008 10:35 AM  


      I certainly don't mind. I've greatly enjoyed the partnership your company and our church have had thus far, and would love to further that. Deetz sent.

      ~Jon top